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Invasion on Hinduism

Correct significance of Religion known to Non-Hindus


I have, specified in about every part, the wrong thought individuals convey about Hinduism. This section is committed to response to particular individuals, who have attempted to carry their religion on top of Hinduism. However, Hinduism does not instruct to strike, it serves to tie individuals to God and Humanity, underpins any technique that is innocuous and accommodating to the social order and is dependent upon procedures that unite individuals on their diversities, diversities being the support of presence. Yet, individuals have attempted to take out incidental rates and extended it as a buildup of normal Hindu drill. Pompously and jealously, they have removed Hindu writings from genuine setting and attempted to persuade the world that Hinduism is a religion, with loads of pitfalls, wrong convictions and unseeing confidence. While Hinduism as a religion has never endeavored to have near instruction, these pioneers have constrained Hinduism to get relative. In the segments to take after, we will dissect how this incredible religion was ambushed and is still under assault of different pulverizing strengths.


We can’t go and expand every single occasion of history in this book and consequently, we will have snappy foundation of how individuals of the everlasting religion had endured slaughters and tortures by the intruders to India constraining their convictions and practices from hundreds of years.

Risk to ‘Sanatan Dharma’ began with Islamic attack long again since 800 A.d. Will Durant says in his book ‘The Story of Civilization: Our Oriental Heritage’ page 459:

‘The Mohammedan triumph of India is likely the bloodiest story ever. The Islamic antiquarians and researchers have recorded with incredible joy and pride of the butchers of Hindus, constrained changes, kidnapping of Hindu ladies and youngsters to slave markets and the pulverization of sanctuaries did by the warriors of Islam throughout 800 AD to 1700 AD. A large number of Hindus were changed over to Islam by sword throughout this period’

French Journalist François Gautier says:

‘The slaughters propagated by Muslims in India are unparalleled ever, greater than the Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis; or the slaughter of the Armenians by the Turks; more broad even than the butcher of the South American local populaces by the attacking Spanish and Portuguese’

Any student of history as they know history, can see the figure in underneath table and comprehend what is has been occurring to the nation called “Bharat” or “Hindustan” or now India – a nation each quiet for the world, a nation which is still greater part of Hindus, Hindus that appear to be existing as outcasts in their own particular homeland – this book is a devotion to every one of them.

Information identifying with Attacks on Hindus:

Muhammad Ghazni (997 – 1030): Killed more than 50,000 Hindus, stream at Thanesar was frothing with blood, individuals not ready to drink the water

Muhammad Ghori (Around 1192): Slaughtered 20,000 Hindus and their heads offered to crow

Qutab-Ud-Din-Aibak (Around 1206): Slaughtered around 50,000 individuals, slaved 20,000

Badauni in 1254: Killed each male obvious above the age of 8 and bound the ladies.

Firoz Shah Tughlaq (1360): Attacked an island on the ocean coast where “about 100,000 men of Jajnagar had brought asylum with their ladies, youngsters, family and relations”. The swordsmen of Islam transformed “the island into a bowl of blood by the slaughter of the unbelievers”. A more terrible destiny overwhelmed the Hindu ladies. Sirat-i-Firuz Shahs records: “Ladies with infants and pregnant women were haltered, manacled, shackled and enchained, and pressed as slaves into administration in the house of each warrior.”

Timurlane (December 1398): Ordered the execution of no less than 100,000 hostages before the clash of Delhi, and after the fight the individuals who had not been executed were taken as slaves

Throughout Timur’s attack in 1399 he cites the Quran in his Tuzk-i-Timuri: “O Prophet, make war upon the heathens and unbelievers, and treat them extremely.” He proceeds: “My extraordinary protest in attacking Hindustan had been to wage a religious war against the unbeliever Hindus…[so that] the armed force of Islam may increase something by ravaging the riches and resources of the Hindus.” To begin with he stormed the post of Kator on the outskirt of kashmir. He requested his fighters “to slaughter all the men, to make detainees of ladies and kids, and to loot and devastate all their property”.

At this point Timur had caught 100,000 Hindus. As he readied for fight against the Tughlaq guard in the wake of intersection the Yamuna, his Amirs exhorted him “that on the extraordinary day of fight these 100,000 detainees couldn’t be left with the gear, and that it might be completely restricted to the tenets of war to set these idolators and adversaries of Islam at freedom”. Along these lines, “no other course remained however that of making all of them nourishment for the sword”. Tuzk-i-Timuri proceeds: “I announced all around the camp that each man who had heathen detainees might as well put them to passing, and whoever fail to do so might as well himself be executed and his property provided for the source. The point when this request got known to the ghazis of Islam, they drew their swords and put their detainees to passing.”

Bahamani Sultans (1347 – 1528): Killed around 1,00,000 Hindus.

Akbar (1556 – 1605): Emperor Akbar requested the slaughter of something like 30,000 (caught) Rajput Hindus on February 24, 1568 AD, after the fight for Chitod. An alternate reference shows that this slaughter of 30,000 Hindu workers at Chitod is recorded by Abul Fazl, Akbar’s court antiquarian himself. The Afghan antiquarian Khondamir records that throughout one of the numerous rehashed intrusions on the city of Herat in western Afghanistan, 1,500,000 inhabitants died.

Hundreds of years after the fact, the same fanatical bloodlust that drove oppressive Muslim heads and their commanders into a bash of butcher and obliteration proceeds right up ’til the present time


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